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sometimes, you don't know what you want.

the new romantic renaissance™ (by AVS™) gives you the chance to get what you want. book a free consultation for a custom couture (boutique) experience today.

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Accessories, Jewelry &


the perfect accessories to match the perfect suit on the perfect day aren't always easy to find. you usually know what you want, but sometimes, you need some help. whether it's a pocket piazze (pocket square), pin ups (boutonnieres), exclusive, stylish jewelry, or gifts, your accessories should resonate with your personality. Book a free consultation for a customized, couture experience for you and your groomsmen.

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Bridal gowns, Accessories &



you want that dress, but you wish it had more or less embellishments. You have an idea of what kind of jewelry, accessories and gown you want, but you're not entirely sure. You don't have any idea what you want. And, have you thought about gifts for the bridal party? Book a free Bridal consultation and get what you want. The way you want. your gown, your accessories, your jewelry should reflect your unique personality and your style statement.