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The brand:

The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS)

Investing in The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) is an investment in authenticity, culture, art. An investment in the future. In opportunities. In Experiences. Expression. Integrity. In a movement. A revolution. In the future of all things art, and the preservation of these things that we hold dear - fashion, couture, accessories, handcrafted products and artisanship, jewelry and interior design, culinary art, photographic art, graphic design, ads, and music, content created and customized to align with evolving times, tastes and trends. The manifestation of everyday lives and experiences with the infinite possibilities of art, culminating in endless possibilities for the future. That is The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™).    


The relevance of these things in the present has, like a storied museum, tremendous artistic, literary, cultural, societal and historical significance and impact. Resonating now and in the future. 

Products move through time and space. They are tangible and part of tactile experiences. They create memories. They have a symbolic significance, a timeless quality transcending their seemingly fleeting realities of existing only in the moment. They are part of society, they exist as themselves, as individuals, to be perused, admired, loved, held dear, as cherished keepsakes that are part of something greater than themselves. They are individuals, significant to the extant of society, of culture, of what makes people architects of trends, of history, of art, of movements. 

Indelible. Invaluable. Sublime. The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) is a way to creativity. A perception. Romance and the Renaissance. After all, love is something that everyone can relate to.

The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™), please request an Investment Opportunities’ lead sheet for a complete overview of all our flexible and versatile B2B partnership and investor options that are available to you. Invest in endless possibilities, rewards and results for you and your company or organization by investing in The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) today. Contact us:

Phone: +1-416-669-0609 (add custom business phone number from before completion)

Email: (add custom email address when I get from  


The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) stands for honesty of workmanship, originality of art and product design, a fervent passion that stimulates creative expression, and realizing a concept, as something that everyone can relate to in some way - emotive, ethereal, or tangible and cherished as an heirloom or keepsake encapsulating or denoting a moment, a time, a place, a memory. 


By establishing two distinct brands that contain several customizable (through my ‘By Appointment Only’ service) products and styles in each collection - The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™), The New Romantic Renaissance™, Occasional & Everyday™, and (by AVS)™ (for Bridal), “By Appointment Only”™ (my bridal consultation and in-person design consultation service), (This is) White Space™ (an in-house and b2b advertising content creation enterprise), my events-based endeavours, Seen + Be Scene™, By Invitation Only™, and END™FIN™ Productions, housing my video content - I can provide clients with in-person product consultation experiences to customize products (colour fabrics, and style variations) to your preferences.


A commitment to integrity and authenticity are the two tenets that guide the principles of The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™). Through observation, experience and osmosis, the esoteric qualities of my products are conveyed through the elements / mediums which I have selected to present them on - art, graphics art, words, photography, video. 


As individual entities, my products (design, graphic, photographic, video, artistic and written content) are strengthened and unified by these two tenets as integral to the ensemble works of The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™). 

As investments, these might seem like intangible concepts, but when paired with products, they are fully realized and transcend the visceral and illusory. - The New Romantic Renaissance™  (by AVS)


These exclusively designed products by Anastasia V. Silva™, The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™), is the manifestation of several years of tireless, meticulous work, and countless hours of visualizing innovative, authentic concepts, products and content and designing, producing and realizing them as tangible collections, or as digital/photographic content, art, product designs, literature (stories, poems and narratives), or ad campaigns. At the heart of each of these products and services is storytelling -- visualizing a thought and creating a narrative, creating products thathave character and a sory -- whether poignant or profound, whimsical or wistful, historical or revolutionary, surrealistic or pragmatic -- that leaves an indelible and lasting impression on one’s heart and soul.


Remaining true to my vision and dreams, the realization of these products as images, or as words, on this website, underscores their authenticity. They are as relevant and real, displayed on this website, as they are in actuality. The feel of the copper wire from my Book of Kells and Circle of Love™ Collections produces a feeling of warmth, anticipation, excitement, modernity, adoration, newness, and memories to be made while contrasting with each slender, glinting metal surface. Shiny and shimmering, the copper hue vacillating when exposed to various intensities of hot and cold temperatures, at once a rose gold glimmer, then, a gleaming amber, glinting like a warm sunrise or a brilliant sunset. Each product is a unique personality, a character and a story, whether already existing or soon-to-be realized and to become memories, keepsakes for years to come. glass beading adds a sparkling detail to his and hers accessories, and the twists and turns of joaillerie, the sculpting of roses and tubular flowers from clay, ribbon and satin, the soft floral brushstrokes of fragile flowers adorning the Boites de Bijoux™ -- all hand-crafted and accented with floral touches -- represent artisanship and delicate details that lend to the credibility of these products as a compendium of works, embodying the spirit of The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™).   


As an investment, these might seem like intangible concepts, but when paired with products, they are fully realized, and transcend the visceral and illusory, as vivid reflections, sensations that define romantic moments in time and in love. the milieu of a renaissance, the timelessness of romance. 


The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) does not produce en masse. This product portfolio is a versatile repertoire comprising several collections, each one a delicate, slight visual symphony. The product variations in each collection articulate the beauty and singularity of design, each one an individual, a showpiece, a Satellite Collection™.


Couture-style craftsmanship, accents and techniques are applied in authentic designs, each one characterized by whimsically stylish products made of carefully selected, sustainable raw materials and fabrics, and elegantly romanticized intricacies.


Making an impression by standing out in The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) accessories and bridal gowns that are expressive of your personal and individual taste adds value to your lifestyle, your personality, your 'moment'. To achieve this, each of my accessories and fashion brands, The New Romantic Renaissance™ for Occasional & Everyday™, and (by AVS)™ for Bridal, contains product variations as part of each

Satellite Collection™, highlighting the uniqueness and detail of each prouct, such as the twists and turns of Celtic Water Rings™ (For Him) and Celtic Rose Rings™ (For Her), or the soft curves of her Rose Bows™ and his Bow Ties for Guys™, the textural contrast between fabrics and beading in the For Her, For Him, Bridal, and Interiors product lines, and the design, execution and plating of culinary delights.  


The artistry of fine fabrics and raw materials - delicately flowing ribbons, glass beads and sparkling notions that dazzle and shine as sunlight pouring through a window after a storm, copper wire glinting as burnished bronzes and glimmering whiskey-soaked spirits, soft clay meticulously sculpted into roses and tubular flowers, textured linens with a nonchalant, blasé, wayward-chic aesthetic, and silks and satins that glimmer and shimmer this way and that, is purposeful, intentional and cultivated to complement defining features of the male form and graceful expressions of the female form. The resulting complexities are what distinguish the products and accoutrements by The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™).

This distinguishes a new era. This distinguishes my brand.






Enriching Lives 

Product designs, culinary art, interior designs, graphic designs, photographic art, and video, tell stories and present ideas, however simple, however complex, resonating, striking a chord, tugging at heartstrings, and powerfully captivating the imagination or the mind by evoking and awakening the sensitivities and sensibilities of our emotions and feelings.

These products - and the words that describe them - enliven and enrich. Defining a time and a place, experiences lived and memories and moments yet-to-be made into experiences, these accoutrements are part of a culture that leads to a deeper, more profound understanding of society, humanity, and the ethos of the psyche, the spirit of creativity and the verve of art and artisanship. The power to appeal to all the senses.

The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) products ‘accelerate’ human connectivity, while inciting escapism, filling a void and enriching life’s experiences, emotions, feelings. They are more than things; they are manifestations and symbols of our desires, our wants, our hopes, our dreams, our truisms, our ideologies; our existing or past experiences, our experiences to be made; sometimes fulfilling a need, oftentimes creating cherished memories, occasionally, as cameos that add to moments, and as always, the life of the party. 

Cultivating Experiences

Experiences are memories. They connect us to a time, a place, a person, AN EVENT, a moment, a thing, a surrounding. Without a pre-existing memory, there is no experience and without a pre-existing experience, there is no memory.

Cultivating experiences through art and design, stories and words, makes the visual storytelling process real by combining the esoteric values of ideologies and ideas with the tangible attributes of my products to define, distinguish, emphasize, and enhance and excite our experiences. 

Art is incredibly powerful. Art has the power to evoke a feeling, spark an event, a history, a story, a thought, an idea. Whether a delicate piece of Bijoux™, a sophisticated Wedding Wristlet™, a sculptural Bouquet Holder™, a beaded Rose Bow™, or a shanty-chic™ Drinks Anyone?™ cocktail napkin, or words that connect these products to a story, these realizations signify the experiential worth of society as these things enrich, and enhance, adding relevance and value to our lives and our narrative.

Preservation & Sustainability

A way of storytelling that captivates the spirit of the Romantic and Renaissance eras, and of previous or subsequent eras that have historically, culturally and socially influenced art and design, are depicted in modern concepts, fashionable products, photography and video. Narrative tales that are as nuanced and as rich as the traditions -- and their storied pasts -- that bear their name, are key to the preservation and future of storytelling, the sustainability of fashio, art, and all things creative that we cherish as sacred, proving their worth as a memorable moment, or as a culmination of moments and memories, holding onto a specific time and place, and thus, also, as invaluable, treasured keepsakes.

Each of my products and narratives has a timeless quality that is itself every bit as unique as the eras that inspired these collections. The ever-evolving history of design, photography, art, graphic art, fashion, and literature, here, is a photographic imprint, a time signature, forever preserved to signify that tangible products, as keepsakes, equate cultural preservation. Thriving in the hubbub of activity and productivity. It is in the preserving of these things that makes them invaluable, that creates and gives them value, and that makes them more desirable, needed and indispensable. 

The fragility of fashion is like the fragility of the earth. These pieces, as delicate and as ethereal as they are, and also, as seemingly fleeting, are a testament to the poignancy of the nimbleness of -- and the way in which -- fashion can burgeon from nothing into something. Whether light and frothy as a butterfly’s wings, or bold and enduring as a stone, the material is, essentially, immaterial -- though weighted in symbolism, deeply embedded with meaning  -- all things are a product of a physical reality, a physical world, relevant as symbols, as artistic and fashion statements, and as keepsakes, reminiscent of time-honoured traditions that are cherished memories and future musings, wonderings, wanderings, meanderings...

Be they uncertain or with certitude, their fragility is what makes them cared for, wanted, desired, sought after, enriched, significant, symbolic, loved, and therefore, preserved as history, as stories, as physical gestures, symbols of a society, here and then, gone, though, often, cherished forever, or refreshed and given a new life, a 'Renaissance', in another season, as another look, another photograph, another story, another video, another piece of artwork, another product, another collection. A circle of life that revolves, evolving through time and space. 

These beautiful things are static for a time, then evolving from season to season, into something fresh and new. The timeless caché of an esprit discovered and undiscovered, found and unfound, bound and unbound, done and undone.

What Will You Get From Investing in Romance?

Defining an era of revolution in art, my products are drawn from my experiences. An experience excites greater experiences, revolving like a spinning wheel, each one unique, some similar to the one before, others different. An era of newness and a spirited awareness - of the beauty of nature, the loveliness of a warm, spring day, the sunshine playfully kissing my cheeks with its glow of sarasota summer freshness in the distance. A horizon of sea, the colour of turquoise and waves, tumultuous and turning, layer upon layer, vast in their magnitude, yet calm in their solitude. The changing of the seasons, from spring and summer to fall and winter. Patterns and motifs, each one unique, defining an era, a person, a society, an experience, a time, a place. A memory. Memories to be made. 

These are the things that inspire and propel The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™). These are the things that, I hope, motivate and inspire you, and incite you to invest in the future of fashion and all things art. The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) offers an endless array of possibilities and exclusive investment experiences for B2B partnerships and investors. Find out more.

Request an Investor Opportunities Partnership Package today.


The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) welcomes you to consider investing in the future of fashion, art, design and content creation. 

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