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#2483_2_1_BLACK ICE
Deluxe your tux on your wedding day with these forever corsages. A departure from the traditional boutonniere, these modern-day rosettes are worn on the lapel, above the heart. Keepsakes for a lifetime of love. Available in black and white silk-satin, and black grosgrain. Custom orders available by visiting my “By Appointment Only”™ page and calling for a free consultation.
(by AVS)
The bonding between gentlemen on the wedding day is priceless. A momentous celebration of brotherhood and memories. These silk-satin and grosgrain Pin-Ups™ are a symbol of love, memorable keepsakes that will last well-beyond the wedding day. Wear on the lapel, above the heart, and store in the whimsically designed, original, custom (by AVS™) bôite. (by AVS)
Pin-Ups™. A modern alternative to the boutonnieres of yesteryear. For gentlemen only. Available in black satin: Black as Knight; black grosgrain: Midnight Confessions, and white: Nights in White Satin. Designed exclusively by The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS)
Alluding to the soft curves of the female body, these Pin-Ups™, designed exclusively by The New Romantic Renaissance™ for gentlemen only, are thoughtful wedding day gifts for the groomsmen, flirtatious party favours at formal functions, and above all, a cherished, modern bridal accessory to be worn above the heart, on the lapel of the tux on your wedding day. A delicate formality that will last forever. Keepsakes from the heart. (by AVS)
1. Remove Pin-Up™ from packaging.
2. Remove glass-headed pin in matching colour.
3. Adjust the Pin-Up™ on the tux or bridal jacket, just above the heart, on the left side of the lapel.
4. Push the glass-headed pin in matching colour through the centre of the Pin-Up™. (Alternately, pin the back of the Pin-Up™ to the front of the lapel).
Wishing you a wedding moment to cherish forever. (by AVS)
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