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BLT romaine


Watery goodness and savoury saltiness result in a balanced flavour combinations  in this crisp, colourful salad. the vibrant jade and peridot of the romaine lettuce complements the emerald hues of the broccoli florets and sliced english cucumber. jewel tones are further exemplified in the dazzling rouge coral of the generous chunks of tomato and golden bacon, its glassy sheen a pallate pleaser. fungi and walnut earth tones offer a natural contrast and taste, softened by the confetti of basmati and a tart lemon-honey vinaigrette. more about this recipe can be found in the book, food, glorious food: best-kept secrets™ by Anastasia V. Silva™. (date of publication: tba). (by AVS)

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fait accompli

what goes in it

½ head of romaine lettuce

¼ broccoli, cut into bite-sized florets

¼ english cucumber, sliced

1 tomato, cut into chunks

¼ red onion, diced

6 button mushrooms, sliced thinly

½ clove garlic, chopped

¼ lb. bacon,

sliced and cut into pieces, ½" -1" l. 

¼ c. cooked rice

2 tbsp walnuts, roughly chopped

how to make it

make ahead: combine dressing ingredients, except 1 tbsp bacon fat. refrigerate 2 hrs.|then, lightly sauté bacon in pan. remove from heat. pat dry with towel.|remove ⅞ of oil from pan, setting aside 1 tbsp for dressing.|toss walnuts in honey before sautéing in bacon fat over medium-high heat. remove after 2-3 mins. combine and set aside. add mushrooms to pan. sauté for 1-2 mins.|tear lettuce into bite-sized pieces. toss with all other prepared vegetables, mushrooms and rice. refrigerate, covered, 1 hr.|remove dressing from fridge. let stand 1 hr. reheat 1 tbsp bacon fat on low. add warm bacon fat to dressing. whisk gently.|remove salad from fridge. add ½ bacon and walnut mixture into salad. add dressing. toss gently. sprinkle remaining mixture over salad as a crispy, sweet and savoury garnish. serve.


2 tbsp. walnuts

1 tbsp honey


1 tbsp olive oil

½ lemon, juiced

2 tsp honey

½ tsp oregano flakes

½ tsp parsley flakes

½ tsp apple cider vinegar



turn it up

while this is healthier than a blt sandwich, for a traditional take, add 2 tsp mayonnaise to the dressing.

add it up

for a modern, authentic BLT taste, toss some dried bread in powdered garlic and dry herbs. lightly sauté in bacon fat, before adding to salad.

I think I'll call you Appetite 

Dessert island

Les petite duchesses de pomme 

A golden, caramelized crust provides a slight crunch, seconds before the soft, baked deliciousness of apple, cinnamon, butter, vanilla and fresh cream set in. a hint of brandy takes this tartlet, a contemporary of the traditional dutch apple pie, over the edge. best-served a la mode or with a dusting of confectioner's sugar. this recipe can be found in the book, food, glorious food: best-kept secrets™ by Anastasia V. Silva™. (date of publication: tba). 

   (by AVS)

Dessert island

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