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Rose Bows 

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Dewdrop roses that shine at night  

sparkles to make the day bright 

Whether worn on the shoulder, the cuff, the hair, or as a way to draw attention to the collarbone, the satin curves of these Rose Bows™ accentuate the feminine form. Glistening glass beads on the tips of the adjacent leaf-shaped petals add a shimmer and shine.
Made of satin and glass beads, these Rose Bows™ can add a touch of fancy to the hair, a frivolous flare to the cuff, a daytime splash on the shoulder, or a delicate curve to the collarbone, when worn as a feminine necktie.
Each one as unique as a garden of pure white roses, these Rose Bows™ are hand-sewn couture and part of the For Her product line, as well as the boutique (by AVS™) bridal collection.
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The softness and subtlety of satin, combined with glass bead detailing, result in wedding day dreams of roses that lighten and brighten each day. From this day forward.
Pure white satin, sculpted to resemble a rose, results in the soft feminine motif of each of these Rose Bows™.
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