Petite floral takeaways

...memories of that special day

Rose Table Decorations_Hot Pink Panter_Weddings_Bridal_Takeaways_Gifts_Designed by Anastasia V. SIlva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)
Rose Table Decorations_Rose Slippers_Weddings_Bridal_Takeaways_Gifts_Designed by Anastasia V. SIlva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)

 Treasured tokens to take away  

 grace the tabletops in a special way

An audience of Rose Table Decorations™, each one sculpted and hand painted in vibrant reds and pinks, watch from above, as a lone rose readies for a solo, nervously unafraid, flaunting her pretty petals in a glaze of claret and reflections of rouge.
(by AVS)
4050 (2)_GAME, SET, MATCH
Three may seem like a crowd, but these three Rose Table Decorations™ are sitting pretty, high above, on a rose branch, each a unique representation of one of nature's most romantic flowers, which has evolved through eras, to be one of the world's most tender expressions of love, affection, passion, and joy. Part of the couture bridal collection of accessories by The New Romantic Renaissance™. (by AVS)
Petite keepsakes, these floral takeaways, dressed up as Rose Table Decorations™, are a subtle-though-significant element, leading up to Celebration Day. As part of the presentation of gifts at the rehearsal dinner, or on Wedding Formalities and Frivolities Day™, their role is pivotal as treasured party favours, secretly given to the bridal party, as a gesture of appreciation, hinting at a more embellished gift to come at the end of the festivities. (by AVS)
3675 (2)_ROSE HAVEN
Pedestals, petulant and pretty, perched in a showy affectation of vain haughtiness, snobbish and pretentiously cool, Rose Table Decorations™ decoratively adorn their reflective surface, quizzically glaring at themselves in Distortion Vase™, wishing, longing, yearning. To and fro, the dancers go. (by AVS)
A web of gold hangs in the nocturne, its slight curves denoting the swirls of the rose in the foreground. Lips of luscious fuchsia pomegranate syrup, a grenadine of grandeur, the posy glistens in enameled ecstasy, as cognizant as a clairvoyant, with the confidence of a burlesque dancer, about to take the stage. Lights. Camera. Action. Rose Table Decorations™. (by AVS)
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Rose Table Decorations

Les Romantiques Roses

The Rose Fair

Pictured: Hot Pink Promise™, designed

by The new romantic Renaissance™(by AVS™

Rose Table Decorations_Claret Glaze_Weddings_Bridal_Takeaways_Designed by Anastasia V. SIlva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)

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