Bijoux: Ethereal +


Here, at The New Romantic Renaissance™, our line of jewelry is uncommon and original, unique and authentic. We strive to offer each of our clients an indelible experience by capturing a moment, a mood, which is defined by a special memory or occasion, then symbolized in our extensive collection of Bijoux™. This is where you will find joaillerie which are each made of only one continuous piece of pure copper, whose delicate wire frames are simple and understated, with a modern edge, or daringly different and boldly mesmerizing, catching and reflecting the light from every angle; pink golden hues of an early morning sunrise, or the tangerine glow of an evening sunset. Exciting and ethereal, each piece in our exclusive selection tells a tale of romance and a storied past of revolution, characterized by a presence of rebirth, while looking to an enlightened future of a new renaissance, invigorating and exhilarating, refreshing and rare, whimsical and questioning. Wear them occasionally, or wear them everyday. For Him. For her. Part of The Book of Kells™ Collection, The Circle of Love™ series, and the Occasional & Everyday™ product line.

Jewelry. As much for enjoyment as for keeps. 

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Joaillerie that brings joy to your life

#9329 (3)_SUNRISE
A blaze of bronze, this Celtic-inspired braided collection of bridal jewelry is the colour of a warm sunrise or the late afternoon sun at dawn, just before sunset. The softly feminine twists and turns are roses that curve this way and swirl that way with the a feminine, yet defiant attitude depicted in the resilience of their copper fabrication. Men’s rings and bands are equally bold and strong masculine statement pieces. Please visit our Rings, For Her and Rings, For Him pages for more.
#9341 (1)_YOU ADORE ME
A ring, a bracelet, a bangle, a band, a wreath doesn't have to call for a wedding to be adorned or adored. This modern collection--part of the Bijoux bridal couture joaillerie line exclusively by The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™)--contain sweetly spirited pieces For Her and strong statement pieces For Him. Can be worn on any occasion.
#9112 (1)_BIJOUX. FOR HIM + FOR HER.
Colourful coppertones of 22-gauge wire, braided in Celtic-inspired Rose Rings™, Water Rings™, and Twists & Turns™. For modern lovers and classics looking for that little something special, wild and whimsical. Celtic couture. Made by hand. By The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™).
#9275 (1)_LOVE SONGS
Classic contemporary. A storm of temptation, raging tempests, burnished bronze Rose Rings™, dangling from the branches of a rose tree, beguiling and beckoning, feminine forces to be reckoned with, amidst the masculine dynamic of copper Twists & Turns™ of wildly circular and uncommonly shaped Celtic Water Rings™ and the Love Energy Ring™ (Power™). Each one, a boldly braided twist and swirl. Bold bijoux. Just for you.
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Bijoux (by AVS)  

Celtic Love Knots, Celtic Roses, 

Twists & Turns™ 

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