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Pocket Piazze 

Square is the new Poche

Catch a falling star

& put it in your pocket...

Never let it fade away

8769 (1)_Pocket Piazze_Pocket Squares_Black Tie White Noise_For Him_by The New Romantic Renaissance (by AVS)
Pocket Piazze_Pocket Squares_A Love Like Blood_For Him_by Anastasia V. Silva_The New Romantic Renaissance (by AVS)

Play for keeps with these classy keepsakes

Pocket Piazze

Occasional & Everyday

Pocket Piazze

The Gentleman's  Accessory

Black tie White Noise1

1. "Black Tie White Noise" by David Bowie; written by David Bowie.
    c. 1992 All Rights Reserved.

8741 (1)_2_Pocket Piazze_Pocket Squares_Courage_For Him_Mens Accessories_Fashion_Couture_Weddings_Formalwear_Events_Designed by Anastasia V. Silva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)

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