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9443 (4)_Celtic Rose Rings_Circle of Love_For Her_Womens_Accessories_Occasional and Everyday_Weddings_Formal_Bridal_Bijoux_Jewelry_Designed by Anastasia V. SIlva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)
Pink flamingo_Photo credit: Jenny McIver_ESPN_Aruba_Beach_Birds_Travel_Photo edited_by Anastasia V. Silva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)

The Circle of Love Collection 


Celtic Rose Rings

Celtic Rose Rings_Aurora Rose_For Her_Womens_Accessories_Weddings_Formal_Bridal_Bijoux_Jewelry_Designed by Anastasia V. SIlva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)
Celtic Rose Rings_Aurora Rose_ForHer_Womens_Accessories_Weddings_ Formal_Bridal_ Bijoux_Jewelry_Designed by Anastasia V. SIlva_The New Romantic Renaissance_(by AVS)

Occasional & Everyday

Celtic Love Knots

9420 (1)_1_WITH THIS RING...
Handmade curves of pure copper are fashioned into roses inspired by Celtic traditions and folklore. Part of The Circle of Love™ Collection of bridal Bijoux™ by The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™).
Honeyed hues of pink gold and burnished amber produce an enchanting effect in these lustrous, dainty designs. Made entirely by hand. Exclusively by The New Romantic Renaissance™.
9112 (1)_1_GARDEN OF ROSES
Walk into a garden of roses. Each one unique. Each one handmade. Each one a symbol of love and romance. Classical beauties of a modern movement and a new Renaissance.
9301 (1)_2_COGNAC CURVES
Petite, as well as demure, this softly sophisticated Celtic Rose Ring™ is one of only seven in The Circle of Love™ Collection. Exclusively by The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™).
9283 (14)_1_SHADES OF SHANDY
Swirls of sweetness and shades of shandy-brandy dangle sweetly from the branches of this pure white rose tree. Gracefully grand. Blushingly beautiful. Pictured here with Celtic Rose Wreaths™.
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Celtic Rose Rings

Perfectly Pretty

Princesses for a Day 

Pictured: The Rose Princess™, The Circle of Love™ Collection  of Joaillerie. For Her. By The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) 

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