A special  purse 

for special things



The bridal clutch

virtuous vessel

Hold on to your dreams

of Silky Satin Sheen  

7412 (2)_1_A BIT OF BLING
White satin. An unmistakable sheen. Shadows that play on the surface of The Rose Purse™ like dancing daydreams in the light. And an added bit of sparkle. Just a bit of bling. By The New Romantic Renaissance™. (by AVS)
Dancing beneath the leaves of a rose bouquet, The Rose Purse™ sweetly sashays its way into the hearts of its onlookers, catching a glimpse of herself in the surrounding mirrors. The nearby rose, matching the purse’s lightness with its soft, white petals, is an expressive satin motif, lined with hand-sewn clear glass beads, in the corner of the vessel. (by AVS)
Sometimes sophistication can be subtle, an effortless simplicity. Designed exclusively by The New Romantic Renaissance™, The Rose Purse™, gracefully glinting in an uncomplicated, gentle way, emanates a lustrous luminescence and soft, satin sheen. The sparkle of a notion, and a sweet rose motif are flourishing finishes that make this slight vessel the picture of elegance for the bride on her wedding day. (by AVS)
Glittering and shimmering, The Rose Purse™ emulates the mood of the bride on her wedding day. Sparkling as a twinkling star, the notion in the centre of the purse is that extra bit of shine, the rose in the corner, a little something extra. (by AVS)
In a swooping gesture, the rose adorning this petite purse, is willowy and soft, turning to and fro to match the curves and waves, cast by the shadow and light. The glittering decorative notion is a little bit extra, while the sheen of the braided band adds dimension and depth to the structure of the vessel. The Rose Purse™. Exclusively by The New Romantic Renaissance™. (by AVS)
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Satin Sophistication

The Rose Purse


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