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Two eras redefined for the modern world

The New Romantic Renaissance is here.

The New Romantic Renaissance

(by AVS)

the new romantic renaissance™ (by AVS™) is a movement, articulated by an intuitive awareness, the results of which are works of art and literature, fashionable accessories, 

garments, gowns, and interiors--all characterized by a romantic sentiment of requited and unrequited love, of sincerity and human emotions, of the hesitation of life and love, and of being unafraid to feel with all your heart and soul. 



essentially, this movement is the conclusion of a story never told, and only begun. primarily, it is the culmination of two emotionally evocative eras in history--romanticism (late 18th-mid-19th C.) placed tremendous significance on non-derivative arts, literature, and aesthetics, resulting from spontaneous emotion,  during a time when the individual deeply impacted the era, wearing their hearts on their sleeves--unafraid to say what they thought, and to act, sincerely and passionately, on their emotions. bold declarations of love were not uncommon, tears were equally rampant. 


The Renaissance

the renaissance, by contrast, a cultural rebirth (pre-dated to the 12th C.)--experienced a revival, lasting from the 14th-17th) C.)--embraced the beauty of realism and perspective.  unique from romanticism, the renaissance offered a more realistic, humanistic approach to works of art, in particular, to the use of light and shadow.

Hidden truths



The New Romantic Renaissance  (by AVS™) embraces these two immensely relevant time periods and ethos, answering to questions of love and romance. what could be more complicated, complex, or contradictory, than love, the unknown, the uncertainty of romance and the sentiment of these two eras?

Reasoning and rationalizing, the way of the Renaissance, or evocative and searching for relevance and a greater meaning, the way of the Romantic, as much as we question the unknown and seek answers to truths we do not understand, we take our chances, whether we choose to rationalize love by way of the renaissance, or to exalt it by way of the romantics. 

Inner wars and outer battles are not won on hearts and minds alone. sometimes, you have to bleed a little and learn to take a punch. 

Are you a lover or a fighter? The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™) answers a resounding, brazen, "both."         

The New Romantic Renaissance


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