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Where romantic begins

A Fashion Revolution


the new romantic renaissance™ by AVS™ is a movement, articulated by an intuitive awareness, the results of which are works of art and literature, fashionable accessories, 

garments, gowns, and interiors--all characterized by a romantic sentiment of requited and unrequited love, of sincerity and human emotions, of the hesitation of life and love, and of being unafraid to feel with all your heart and soul. 

A Fashion Revolution 

Unyielding Renaissance

Timeless Romance 

#1_The New Romantic Renaissance™ by AVS™_Blank Verse Perspectives™ Eponymous Logo_Photography and design by Anastasia V. Silva™_The New Romantic Renaissance™_(by AVS™)

© 2022 The New Romantic Renaissance®™ (by AVS®™) site designed by Anastasia V. Silva®™ 

all content (art, designs, graphics, products, images, videos, words, etc.) unless otherwise credited, or uploaded as music for commercial use (other than music uploaded as freeware), or where otherwise credited)

  is the intellectual property exclusively owned by

Anastasia V. Silva®™ (The New Romantic Renaissance®™ by AVS®™),.

The art, graphic designs, videos, images and words on this site are not for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a product, please visit my e-commerce store for information, pricing, availability and shipping information.

The art, graphic designs, images,, videos, and words on this website are presently not represented by a gallery or an agent, and are not for sale. If you are interested in inquiring about, or in purchasing, any of  the art, graphic designs, or images on this website that are not available for sale in my e-commerce store or elsewhere o this site,

please contact me (Anastasia V. Silva™) directly.

Anastasia V. Silva™, President/Owner//Entrepreneur, and Director of Design, Production, and Brand Enterprise,

The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™).

Apps and development tools on this site are the property of this site is powered by Wix. 

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The New Romantic Renaissance by AVS_Perspectives Eponymous Logo
The New Romantic Renaissance by AVS_Perspectives Eponymous Logo
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