by Anastasia Venusia Silva 

c. 2019

these are the moments that make up our city and our life. A glance up towards the sky and all you see is the blush of an early sunset cascading over tall towers, giants made of brick, the results of toil and long, laborious work. This is where filmmakers and cast and crew go for a healthy dose of realism. No fuss. Walk past like any other pedestrian. No fans fawning over actors and actresses here. Be humbled. Be cool. Because, well, this is a cool city and an exciting place to be. To see and be seen. In any scene. Even if residents don't notice. Welcome to Culture by The New Romantic Renaissance™. If you don't have a personality of your own, don;t bother.


A constant


skateboarding allowed on sidewalks.



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This is where Beck played a sold-out show at the now-historic Concert Hall, where, according to legend, masons once performed cultish rituals in the depths of the cavernous  basement. Also where The Smashing Pumpkins performed in a parking lot to a mass of angst-ridden disheveled teenagers and twenty-somethings. In the pouring rain. This is where you can walk from one corner of the city to another without feeling as though you walked very far at all. Always something to see, whether it's Bean and Baker Malt Shop, a sweetspot ice cream and  premium milkshake cafe nestled  in the annex, or a picture of Ziggy Stardust himself in the window of a basement apartment, bordering the side streets of the chic Yorkville neighbourhood. 

Toronto. where The New Romantic Renaissance™ started, though not where it will continue.

Paris may be the city that never sleeps. Toronto is the city that never stops. constantly moving. buses whizzing past strollers on sidewalks, and bicycles on busy streets,  Street lights changing from red to gold to green and back again. Streetcars creek with the sound of friction on steel tracks. pedestrians mill about waiting for everything and nothing and something.  The hustle and bustle of wanting more and a burning desire to need to be on the move and going somewhere. Cabs, a colourful blur, dwarfed by high-rises and shops, salons, cafes and the occasional pop-up.

You can take the girl out of the city.

but you can't take the city out of the girl.

3469 (23)_My Favourite Dress™ by Anastasia V. Silva™_The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™)
3469 (24)_My Favourite Dress™ by Anastasia V. Silva™_The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™)
3469 (10)_Flowers in the Market™_Photography by Anastasia V. Silva™_The New Romantic Renaissance™ (by AVS™)

Flowers in the Market 

by Anastasia Venusia Silva 

c. 2019

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