Aurora Rose Bouquet

The dress of your dreams

5555 (1)_TWO TRUE
Two roses, wooing each other, a duo, a dance, a coy glance. In white, one the groom, the other the bride, awaiting their nuptials, jubilant in anticipation of their wedding day.
Poised for the perfect day, this wild rose is the bride on her wedding day, picture perfect, a pristine princess, her dress an innocent white, as pure as her dreams.
White. A symbol of purity. Innocence. Sanctity. Cleanliness. The beginning of a new life. All the things that weddings are all about. Celebrating the dawn of a new light. Like a rose, sitting pretty, patient and virtuous.
5621 (2)_ROSES WILD
Falling gently, these floral pillows, dusted with gold, are transfixed in mid-air, floating in the spring breeze, meandering, wandering, and wild, roaming the garden, each one as unique as four brides on the one day they will each remember for the rest of their lives.
5629 (13)_THREE BRIDES
Joyously celebrating, three brides, symbolized by these three wild roses, barely grasping the soft folds of their wedding gowns, are like the bright, shining sun, the centre of attention on that one day, their wedding day.
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Aurora Rose Bouquet

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