A hint of whimsy on the cuff, the shoulder, the collarbone, or the hair

Romantic: rose bows

IMG_8351 (1)_E1_ON GARDE!
These Rows Bows™ dramatically contrast silky black satin with razor sharp ice cold silver sequins outlining wings, shaped as petals on either side of a rose, centred and divine.
IMG_8431 (1)_PERFECT 10
Although black is known to absorb light, the sheen on these satin Rose Bows™ is so startlingly complex that when the light shines directly upon them, they illuminate, majestically.
The lustrous combination of black satin, shimmery silver sequins, and an embroidered heart motif, like silver strands of air spun from a delicate spider web, results in rose-faced cherubs with winged petals, all aglow.
IMG_8322 (1)_REVIVAL
Symmetrical and poised, these couture, hand-sewn Rose Bows™, each one unique, are dainty yet daring accessories for those nighttime galas and evenings out. A perfect flare for the hair.
Shining from every angle like the wings of a dragonfly, these couture Rose Bows™ are effortlessly elegant and stylishly ornate.
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Rose Bows

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